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MALWARE ANALYSIS Certification Training

Course Description

support Redback Cyber security Council training and certification course provides hands-on classroom training to identify, detect, protect, respond to, and recover from system vulnerabilities. The course materials provide extensive Malware Analysis Certification Training experience, with five of the most current security domains to give participants in-depth knowledge and practical approach to the latest essential security systems. This course not only prepares you to take the Malware Analysis Certification Training, but also ensures you are job ready through our best-in-class virtual lab environment.

Reasons to Become Malware Analysis Certified:
  • Become more valuable to your employer and/or customers by highlighting your cutting-edge malware analysis skills through the Malware Analysis Certification
  • Motivate yourself to develop a new skill set by reaching for a concrete, measurable, and achievable goal embodied by the Malware Analysis Certification
  • Join the ranks of highly-respected professionals who possess the knowledge and skills that are relatively rare in the industry
  • Reinforce and affirm your ability to understand characteristics of real-world malware, so you can better respond to incidents and reinforce defenses
Certified Skills thatMalware Analysis Certified Professionals Possess
  • Assemble the toolkit for malware forensics
  • Perform behavioral analysis of malicious Windows executables
  • Perform static and dynamic code analysis of Malicious Windows executables
  • Intercept system and network-level activities in the analysis lab
  • Core concepts for reverse-engineering malware at the code level
  • Capability to subvert anti-analysis mechanisms built into malware
  • Analyze protected malicious browser scripts written in JavaScript and VBScript
  • Reverse-engineer malicious Flash programs
  • Analyze malicious Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Adobe PDF documents
  • Examine shellcode in the context of malicious files
  • Analyze memory to assess malware characteristics and reconstruct infection artifacts
  • Use memory forensics to analyze rootkit infections

Redback Cyber security course provides a good start in the Malware Analysis Certification Training field. It provides participants the knowledge they’ll need to identify threats and vulnerabilities, as well as how to protect, respond, and recover.

After completing this course, participants will be ready to take the Malware Analysis Certification Training exam.

Certifications help individuals demonstrate their skills and prove that they not only have the most up-to-date knowledge of current Malware Analysis Certification Training standards, but can also offer employers confidence that they capable of handling demanding tasks.

Performance-based certifications provide the credibility needed for cyber career mobility. Many global organizations and governmental agencies recognize and often require certifications because they know credential holders will add Malware Analysis Certification Training value to their enterprise.

The Malware Analysis Certification Training enables professionals to enter a Malware Analysis Certification Training role and certifies individuals in various Malware Analysis Certification Training skills. Many IT companies have made Malware Analysis Certification Training a compulsory qualification for security-related positions, making it an appealing career boost for security professionals.

Redback Cyber security Council certification opens up various career avenues, for example:

  • After successfully earning the Malware Analysis Certification Training, participants can aim at becoming a forensic analyst, intrusion analyst, or security manager
  • Become job ready: it’s estimated there will be a demand for 6 million skilled information professionals by 2019
  • Average Malware Analysis Certification Training professional salaries (approximately $122,000) are 50% higher than IT Security salaries (approximately $64,000) *Source:

The course is designed for experienced information security professionals. It can be appropriate for mid-level to advanced professionals involved with IT architecture, web and cloud security engineering, information security, governance, risk and compliance, or even IT auditing. The course builds on and brings together a holistic view of the topics covered in the everyday environment of information assurance professionals, such as:

  • IT security professionals
  • Auditors
  • Security practitioners
  • Site administrators
  • Penetration testers
  • Security engineers

Exam & certification

To obtain the Malware Analysis Certification Training, you must fulfill both the following criteria:

  • Complete any one of the three projects provided as part of the training, within the maximum time allotted for the Malware Analysis Certification Training course.
  • Pass the online examination with a minimum score of 75%. If you don’t pass the exam the first time, you can re-attempt the exam one more time.
  • When you have completed the course, you will receive a course completion certificate.

Note: You must fulfill both the criteria (complete one project and pass the online exam with minimum score of 75%) to become Malware Analysis Certification Training certified.

Candidates considering the Malware Analysis Certification Training training and certification course must have:

  • Experience related to information security
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/ IP
  • An educational background that reflects specialization in information security




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